Support pastors

Praise the Lord that the efforts of our forefathers have not been in vain.  Today, the seeds of the Gospel are growing steadily all over China with an ever increasing number of believers, and a lot of young believers responding to the Lord’s call to become full-time workers, sharing the Gospel with their kinsmen and pastoring the Church.

What the Church urgently needs
Chinese church believers mostly farm for a living and are leading meagre lifestyles with minimal giving to the church. Therefore, churches are not able to fully support their pastors financially. At present, the salary for pastors in remote regions is low, yet some churches are finding it difficult to afford, making life very hard for these pastors. Pastors are key figures to the development and shepherding of a church. The present and future development of the churches in the Mainland all depends on whether these pastors can be worry-free about their living expenses.


In view of this, Fountainhead hopes to support the living expenses of 10 or more pastors every year. We sincerely hope that with the support of brothers and sisters, these Mainland pastors can respond to God’s call, and be able to pastor the church wholeheartedly as they commit to full-time ministry.

Church Rebuilt Project

After the reform, the Chinese government has gradually reverted religious properties to Christians throughout China. Even with the recovery of church properties, some church buildings are in dire need for restoration in order for their congregation to reconvene their worship. Believers living in impoverished areas who cannot afford to rebuild their churches are forced to congregate in the dilapidated church buildings. With the passage of time giving rise to the serious disrepair of rundown church buildings, some of these buildings cannot withstand the harsh attacks of windstorms, rainstorms and snowstorms, while other buildings have been declared structurally unsound by the government because they get overcrowded with the ever increasing number of people at the meetings. Believers are forced to gather in shabby tents or hold dispersed meetings, and they really do not know when they will have a safe and permanent place of worship.


Because Fountainhead loves the church and cares about her needs, “Church Rebuilt Project” has logically become one of Fountainhead’s ministry focuses. Over the years, Fountainhead has been helping brothers and sisters in China to rebuild their churches, thereby demonstrating the love and care within the Body of Christ.