Core Value


In order for Fountainhead to respond to the Great Commission and actualize our vision to serve the many minority groups, we have prayerfully developed four core values:


1. Simplicity 
In the book Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth, Richard Foster quotes the Jerusalem Translation of Eccl 7:29, “God created man with simplicity; man created problems with complexity.” We face a boundless harvest field, socially, politically, ethnically and geographically complex. In response to complexity, we value simplicity for administration, operations, communication and resource allocation, using the most direct, efficient ways to reach our goals.


2. Flexibility 
The religious situation in China is affected by many recent economic, social and political developments. Living conditions vary greatly between the coastal cities and the inland villages. Cultural complexity and expectations demand that we deal with each situation with flexibility. We are learning everyday to be pioneering and creative.


3. Efficiency 
We passionately approach this vast and complex harvest field, knowing full well our limitations in experience and resources. Therefore, we lock on to our target areas and commit all that we have and all that we are to accomplish the Great Commission.


4. Trust 
With simplicity and efficiency, we build our teams of co-workers. With trust and unity, we complement each other in order to carry out, as quickly as possibly, the mission entrusted us by God.


By God’s grace, may we all work together with our core values in the spirit of Fountainhead, to His glory!